Guano Gold Enterprise

The island of Nauru was once a paradise exploited by the mining of phosphates. As the environment became degraded their wealth increased immensely. It was the crowning glory of the Pacific Ocean where locals enjoyed a lavished lifestyle during the 1950s-1990s and envied by the world. Ancient coral limestone pinnacles were revealed as the land […]

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The Third Skin

The spread of deserts from the overuse of land created a new world, where water is crucial to survival. Project Gaia seeks to explore how a human can stay hydrated in a desert environment where temperature averages are 50°c. Project Gaia investigates how water can be gathered, recycled and preserved when sources are limited. This […]

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The Drover’s Lodge

The Drover’s lodge was a submission for the competition to design a new residential lodging for the Prime Minister of Australia. This project was in collaboration with Shervin Jaberzadeh. THE PANELS

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The Immaterial Transcript

  Architecture is material, a physical refinement by producers, influenced by the immaterial and experienced by users. Immateriality is the imagination, emotions/sensations and anticipations. Therefore, architecture evolves from producers to the users’ relationships between the material and immaterial through their experience of the spatial platform. In this film, users (cinematographer, composer and dancer) engage instinctively […]

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