Adaptive Diversity













main collage




Moving Diagram

Connecting the Islands through a network of knowledge 





A concept developed in collaboration with Camila Proaño of the Technológico de Monterrey during the Galápagos Islands Workshop ran by Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Poetry and watercolour animation by Maria Elisa Robles of the Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Adaptive Diversity was the overall theme that was conceived with Justyna Karakiewicz and John Dunn’s workshop group. The Innovation Hub is one part of the group’s conceptual proposal. The idea of the Innovation Hub was have it evolve, adapt and change as the needs of the people change overtime in the Galapagos Islands. The Hub will allow a paradigm shift from the consumption of the island into the production of innovation that will help shape and adapt the people for the future that will provide a benefit back into the fragile landscape.



The Conceptual Proposal

























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