Catacombs of the Physical World

As the library moves into the digital age, books will become obsolete among with other things. The containment of culture, history, politics and economics are no longer bounded by the written word but are intertwined by the machines and technology that surround our physical world. These machines moved us from the industrial production of the 20th century to the digital revolution, heralding the information age; where information becomes . As we are in the presence of the digital revolution many objects that helped shape the society will become artefacts that extends man’s ability to progress forward. The next evolution for the library will create both a celebration of progress and the lament and burial of the past. The catacombs thus becomes a library of objects; collected, analysed and recorded by the archivists of the library who becomes the embalmers of the physical world. The project harks Diderot’s Encyclopedie where it records manufacturing and making of the industrial world, recognising their cultural, social, economical and political importance. Similarly, the library takes on the views of Gilbert Simondon who recognises the importance of the machine and the progress of man into a technical culture. Project Gaia, proposes a new typology of the Library as an archive of machines and technology and as it grows it becomes a measurement of progress but at the same time a record of the past.

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