The Road


The Road is a short film that retraces the relationship of the road and motels. Through the rhythms and the speed within the car and on the Princes Highway, the viewer can experience the different elements that make up the road. The incorporation of music heightens the repetition of the roadway and at the same time reveals the different environments that it cuts through as the drive progresses. This film was part of the MOTEL exhibition that officially opened on the 20th of March 2015. The exhibition celebrates a 20th century wonder – The Motel. Imported from America and pioneered in Australia by entrepreneur David Yencken, the exhibition features two distinct motel designs established through his patronage. Two prominent mid-twentieth century architects, John Mockridge and Robin Boyd designed the Mitchell Valley Motel, Bairnsdale and the Black Dolphin Motel, Merimbula respectively. Outside their usual repertoire, these two projects enabled Mockridge and Boyd to explore the design potential of the motel, beyond an appropriation of the American ‘googie’ style in Australia. Taking cues from the original modernist designs, MOTEL brings together drawings, correspondence and photographic material in a re-telling of an enlightened period in Australian Architecture.


Cinematography – Steve Clarke

Music produced by Andy Ukhtomsky

Assistants – Victoria Gatip and Melati Woods

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