Lake Mountain Manifesto


To answer the question of what is architecture, one must first evaluate who we are as architects. This video becomes a manifesto, set at Victoria’s Lake Mountain 6 years after the Black Saturday bush fires. It is a call to action for us architects to rethink our role and the risks we take in this changing environment; affecting our architecture.

This was a submission for CineCity 2015 – RISK – Theme question: What is Architecture?



We will no longer be silent in the battles of our times. We will burst into fiery fury that will shake the very foundations of our ideologies.

We will no longer stand accused, accused for the past, but we will create a new future. Let us resurrect the decay that has been left.

Who are we in this scheme of things? Are we not integral in the realization of our cities. Are we not responsible for every indentation on the changing landscape? Well yes, we are. Each line, point and shape we create, alters the very fabric of our surroundings.

For each tear, each scar and each wound, we are responsible.

Come friends let us consider what we do, let us consider each action we make. For Marinetti saw centaurs but we face beasts far larger and far smarter.

Come friends let us tame those beasts of our future worries. Let us mend the mistakes and push forward to a hope that we have craved for a long time.

Let us now embark a new journey under the black skies of tomorrow.



The Three Muses – Sari Woods, Melati Woods and Victoria Gatip

The Voices – Joel Grant, Nathan Steer, Melissa Cook, Melati Woods, Andrew Lightfoot, Sari Woods

Cinematographer – Steve Clarke

Music – Andy Ukhtomsky

Words and Direction – John Gatip



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