The Third Skin

The spread of deserts from the overuse of land created a new world, where water is crucial to survival. Project Gaia seeks to explore how a human can stay hydrated in a desert environment where temperature averages are 50°c. Project Gaia investigates how water can be gathered, recycled and preserved when sources are limited. This changes the meaning of shelter and survival in environment where resources are at critical end.

Human survival depends on the function of its anatomy by the maintenance of its internal environment. Without the mechanism of temperature regulation it is fatal in the body’s ability to support life.

The creation of The Third Skin augments the natural responses of the body by the design of a system that will minimize and maintain water loss. Through the creation of a system the architect brings together chemical engineers, designers, nano materials engineers and biologists in order to be informed of its design. they all collaborate in the vision for future survival.

Now and in the future, Architecture will no longer be bound by scale and four walls of a building but it is limitless to the point where it can be taken anywhere.









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