The Immaterial Transcript


Architecture is material, a physical refinement by producers, influenced by the immaterial and experienced by users. Immateriality is the imagination, emotions/sensations and anticipations. Therefore, architecture evolves from producers to the users’ relationships between the material and immaterial through their experience of the spatial platform.

In this film, users (cinematographer, composer and dancer) engage instinctively with the surrounding architectural platform through film, dance, and musical composition. Here, film captures the immaterial interpretation of reality, translated through the body in dance and illuminated by music. Therefore, this exercise facilitates the viewer’s understanding between the material/immaterial and producers/users/platforms. A transcript of experiences.


Alejandra Cordova, Andy Ukhtomsky, Tim Joe Mak and John Gatip are a group of students that collaborated in the making of “The Immaterial Transcript”. With diverse backgrounds in architecture, dance, photography and contemporary sound production, they have embraced the brief and produced a film that responded accordingly to the set theme.

Alejandra Cordova – Final year Masters of Architecture student at The University of Melbourne. (Dancer)

Andy Ukhtomsky –Music Industry Student from RMIT and Music Producer. (Composer)

Tim Joe Mak – Final year Masters of Architecture student at The University of Melbourne. (Cinematographer)

John Gatip – Architecture Student working at Inarc Architects. (Director)


“The Immaterial Transcript”

Alejandra Cordova (Dancer)
Andy Ukhtomsky (Sound Production)
Tim Joe Mak (Cinematographer)
John Gatip (Director)

Music by: Andy Ukhtomsky “Trance-scription” especially made for the film The Immaterial Transcript

Shortlisted for 2013 Cinecity Architectural Film Project

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