Adaptive Diversity

                        Moving Diagram Connecting the Islands through a network of knowledge          A concept developed in collaboration with Camila Proaño of the Technológico de Monterrey during the Galápagos Islands Workshop ran by Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Poetry and watercolour animation by Maria […]

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Catacombs of the Physical World

As the library moves into the digital age, books will become obsolete among with other things. The containment of culture, history, politics and economics are no longer bounded by the written word but are intertwined by the machines and technology that surround our physical world. These machines moved us from the industrial production of the […]

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The Road

SYNOPSIS The Road is a short film that retraces the relationship of the road and motels. Through the rhythms and the speed within the car and on the Princes Highway, the viewer can experience the different elements that make up the road. The incorporation of music heightens the repetition of the roadway and at the […]

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Lake Mountain Manifesto

  To answer the question of what is architecture, one must first evaluate who we are as architects. This video becomes a manifesto, set at Victoria’s Lake Mountain 6 years after the Black Saturday bush fires. It is a call to action for us architects to rethink our role and the risks we take in […]

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Guano Gold Enterprise

The island of Nauru was once a paradise exploited by the mining of phosphates. As the environment became degraded their wealth increased immensely. It was the crowning glory of the Pacific Ocean where locals enjoyed a lavished lifestyle during the 1950s-1990s and envied by the world. Ancient coral limestone pinnacles were revealed as the land […]

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